Pseudo World

Perhaps, as I see it, we live in a pseudo world. Which is often referred to as our own world or daydreaming maybe. We all wish to live the dream we carry all the times in our brains. Someone thinking of getting a nice paying job just after graduation; which needs a hell of luck. Someone is dreaming to get admitted to one of the prestigious institutes of higher education. Some are dreaming out of the line. These are the people to whom academics fails to attract towards it. According to me, these people are the actual day dreamers. Because I happen to be one of them.

They say it’s never too late to learn something and make your life out of it. But is it true? Because I am standing at a point in my life where making a decision as soon as possible has become more important than to start something new to learn. Our life is shaped according to the decisions we make. Our dreams are like House of Cards, and our decisions are the base of that house. Wrong decisions are like the mild wind blow that could shatter the house in one go. Well, perhaps this is the time to sit back and wait till the storm of confusion settles down. It has to settle down; everything does settle down with time, doesn’t it?

Also, sometimes somewhere in the corner of my mind a thought cripples that, are we so lost in our dreams that we ourselves are the reason for the storm of confusion to take control of us? Yeah, yet another confusion. Maybe, I have another hypothesis, that this is the situation that leads to stress. Now, everyone has a different perception of stress, but that hardly matters because the results are same. And life is so confusing these days! You can’t even differentiate(most of the times) between a stressed out and a normal person. Because people choose to hide it under that little curve on their faces. And no wonder they are master in it!

Just try to remember, that whenever you ‘decide’ and then try to do something, there is always a negative feeling hovering around in your mind which says ‘what if this thing goes wrong?’. And trust me there is always this feeling. Exactly! That is the mild blow I was talking about.  All this negativity thing starts right after the ‘not‘ word appears, even if it’s said in a positive tone. For example, ‘I hope nothing goes wrong‘. And there it is! It’s like a virus that just needs an entry inside your mind. You utter any form of it and it gets the entry ticket.

So what should be done? I think, we should just go ahead and do whatever we feel like doing without deciding for it. And just wait for the surprises that particular action brings with it. Also, be prepared to face the results, so let it be success or failure.

Because, life has two rules: 1.Never give up and 2. Always remember rule 1.

The irony is that even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a decision. 😀




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