The Judgment Day

A large hall majorly occupied by wooden seats arranged for the audience to sit and watch the show. The bar dividing the attorneys and the Judge. A large desk (bench) with the Judge sitting behind it. A statue of a blind lady holding a weighing balance in one hand and a sword in the other. A small square shaped witness box placed in the right corner between the bar and the attorneys. Two gentlemen wearing a black coat and a bow-tie. And pile of files placed on each of their table.

Is this what you thought this post will be about when you read the title? 

Oh, I apologize for the misunderstanding! Even though this article is not about a ‘Courtroom session’ where a ‘decision’ will be passed about one’s life, the analogy is pretty much the same.

Most of the people reading this blog are students, I myself am! For people like us, the students, The Judgment Day is way much different and terrifying than a courtroom judgment. It’s the day when instead of you, the people who are at the peak of their excitement are- your parents, your relatives, your neighbors, their relatives, friends of your parents, friends of your relatives, some other people, people you don’t even know the name of!, and some other random guys/girls who in our student community are also referred to as ‘nerds’.

By now you must have recognized what I’m referring the judgment day to. Of course, it’s the day when your semester long hard-work, surviving through the lectures, night-long assignments, and the irrelevant information your instructor throws at you just out of his/her frustration is put up in just two digits with a decimal in between. The Results.

I find it detestable how a handful of numbers determine the hard-work you put up in the whole four months. Look out there you judging people, how beautiful the world is! Numbers are very important, agreed. But are they so important to judge a student about his/her capability of performing in academics? Well, I think numbers are just digits and they don’t exactly judge someone’s ability of performing. It’s the people who use those numbers as a sword to attack on the unarmed, the students.

As I said earlier, the analogy between the courtroom and the result day is pretty much the same, let me elaborate it a little bit. There are three outcomes in both the cases. First: If your case is strong enough, the decision comes in your favor. Similarly, if your marks are good enough the result is in your favor. Second: If the case is not strong enough, you are screwed by the law. Similarly, if your marks are not good enough you are screwed by the institute. Third (most interesting): Even if you are innocent, lack of evidences proves that you are guilty and thus goes your life in a drain. Similarly, even if you have worked hard to score well and somehow you don’t manage to cross the threshold point, you are exposed to the world of criticism.

You, friends, are a dart board. And the dart arrows thrown at you are the judgmental comments that hurt as they pierce into the board. Grades are nothing but like the people you meet between 18 to 25, they are temporary.

Each one of us is good at something. I wonder why we aren’t appreciated for it. Why we are not “judged” on it. This world is an upside down place. Even if you are a CEO of a company, even if you are an author, even if you are a national or even international sports player; everything narrows down to zero just because of few judgmental comments.
At the end here’s a take home message, “Doesn’t matter what your CGPA is, it’s your work that defines you”



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