The Second Phase


Remember the days of childhood? Each one of us had a fantasy world of our own. We used to have an idol in our fantasy world. And it was usually a movie star or a cricket player. And whenever somebody asked, ‘what would you like to become when you grow up?’ we would usually answer, ‘I want to be Sachin Tendulkar’ or ‘I want to be Amitabh Bachhan’ or ‘I want to be Aishwarya Rai’. And people would adore us for our big and lively dreams and they would hold us in their arms and kiss our cheeks. That was pretty much our childhood with many more adventurous stories attached with it.

We have already lived one of the three phases of our lives, the childhood. Now, we are in our second phase- the Youth. The major difference, that we often overlook, between this two phases is that we have lost our fantasy to the reality of this world. Where we once dreamt of being like one of our idols, now we are running to find ourselves. I might be wrong when I say this but I have observed it happening with me and often around me, that in this particular phase we are afraid. Afraid of being slammed hard on the ground as soon as we realize that these dreams will never be true, because they are too big to become a reality. However we often forget that dreams are the answers to the questions that we haven’t yet figured out how to ask.

As children we didn’t worry about what the plate called life had for us in it. It could have been a sweet dish or just a snack or a bitter veggie that none of us particularly like. Life, as we know it, has given us so many practical examples of how sweet and happening and at the same time how cruel and saddening it could be. And I think the latter one is the reason that we are scared about thinking of big things.

This is the phase that exposes and lets us explore the outside world and teaches how to cope with it. But frankly, this is the same phase where our mind is constantly wondering to dream big but somehow it ends up scared, scared about the responsibilities that life has laid upon us. Often I find myself stuck between what to decide, whether it’s ok to dream about what-could-once-be-reality or I should just go on just keep running to keep up the pace this world has gained.

The first phase has taught us how to dream, fearlessly. The second phase is teaching us how to achieve them. But, there is always a ‘but’, isn’t it? The second phase teaches us how to achieve what we once dreamt, but it fails to remove the fear factor that has been haunting us from the very start of this phase. The terms and conditions that we have unconsciously applied upon ourselves seems like a barrier which I think is responsible to not letting go the fear factor.

Is there nothing we can do about it? Till when will we be sitting scared of the consequences which might never occur. Everyone faces difficulties in finding their own self. But, we should not forget that difficulties are the problems to be solved with undivided focus. If one enjoys a fantasy world, one should have it. Let’s be Sachin or Amitabh once again. Let’s bring those childhood fantasies back to life. Those days cannot be brought back, agreed. But the memories can be rebuilt again, with bits of changes of course.

A note to remember: This world is a Tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think – unknown




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