Bareen tree

There should be the world
Where everything is perfect,
But that won’t be this one
Because here people just forget.

We are deceived by the angels
Who have surrounded us,
And there’s very least we can do
Because they are so pompous.

There was a time
When we were not alone,
Then, they cared even for a dime
Now, not even for one.

In the name of a relation
You get a sugar coated truth,
Whereas in the name of a truth
You get a fabricated lie.

Courageous are those
Who accept their mistakes,
Sweetheart are those
Who compensate for losses.

I have lost a great deal
The one with the friendship seal,
The seal seems to be broken now,
And the package is stolen now.

I am a tree,
But autumn has began.
My leaves have shed
And I am barren again.


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