I stared at the ceiling,

The night was too dark.

Then I remembered your smile,

And your eyes with the spark…

I remembered the night,

When we sat by the road.

Your hand in mine,

Then slowly the fingers rolled…

You looked so beautiful,

In the yellow street light.

I wished to capture that moment,

In the glance of my sight…

I remembered your talks,

About your family and friends.

Then asking me if you should stop!

Because you thought it was all irrelevant.(?).

But the truth seems all different,

I knew it then, and I knew it right.

Without you, oh dear,

Life is like a miserable night…

Now, I-can’t-stop-myself,

Still I-am-holding-myself.

The words-are-stuck-inside,

And, I-can’t-even-help-myself…

I made a mistake,

I thought we were falling apart.

I should have been patient,

And should have waited till we talked…

But the damages are done,

And I realize them now.

Together we weren’t falling apart,

But alone I-am-now..

I am done now,

Looking you in the pictures..

Come out of them, because,

And I’m in a disaster..

I miss your smile,

And that spark in your eyes.

The night is unbearable

Tell me, when will our Sun Rise?


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