Stay Where You Are

Father and son watching sunset

Stay Where You Are

Daddy, what’s going on?
I can’t understand.
All these people in the uniform,
What are they doing on our land?

Oh, it’s nothing, my son,
They must be searching for someone.
Or someone might have lost their car,
Don’t worry, stay right where you are.

Daddy, why do these people,
Need a gun to search a car?
They can ask every person kindly,
Or to a kid like me
Who will tell everything for a chocolate bar!

Son, now you listen to me,
Very carefully.
Don’t tell anybody anything for a chocolate bar,
These people might trick you for what you are.

But daddy I’m just five,
And I don’t like them walking in my garden.
One of them is fiddling with my bicycle,
Stop him, daddy, around here you are the warden.

No dear, I can’t do that,
Let them do whatever they want.
(How should I tell you, my son, this terrible news,
They are not searching for a car or someone else)

Daddy, Daddy,
They’ve got a doggy colored brown.
I want to play with him, daddy,
Where have you gone?

(I don’t know what to do son,
Now there’s no way to run.
All I care about is you,
But these uniform guys won’t understand
What we went through)

Daddy, where are you?
There’s someone banging the door.
Should I open it instead?
Or should I stay right where I am like you said?

I am sorry my child,
I should have told you before.
Daddy has done a bad thing honey,
These uniform guys are here to take me.

What are you talking daddy,
Why is this guy with the gun holding your neck?
Daddy, I’m scared now daddy,
Why are you crying, is he hurting your neck?

Don’t worry my son, everything will be alright,
Don’t forget your daddy and our memories from the days and nights.
These people will take me, away from you son, somewhere far,
Don’t move and don’t worry; just stay right where you are.



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