There’s a thunderstorm going inside this body.
Yet the Lips aren’t trembling,
Teeth aren’t cluttering,
Body isn’t shivering,
Hands aren’t shaking,
And the Eyes are Still steady.
Yes, it’s a thunderstorm.
Of memories and heartbreaks,
Of unacceptable reasons and confusions,
Of decisions hanging in between
Trying hard or letting go,
Of compromising or rising.
It’s a Thunderstorm.
It’s a battle,
Battle of love,
Battle for love,
A battle where it has to be decided
In a fraction of second,
To surrender before the circumstances,
Or just keep fighting
And struggle for a victory.
Or maybe,
The mind is wondering,
If the battle is lost?
Or have we surrendered already?
Without even trying,
Without even struggling.
If this is what’s happening,
Lips will be trembling,
Teeth will be cluttering,
Body will be shivering,
Hands will be shaking,
And the Eyes,
Will no more be steady.
 A heart without its beat
Will forever be wandering.

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