Yes I Know

sea and moon image

Yes, I know
About your Dreams.
I was in them,
To witness everything.

You too, must know,
verity of chaotic thoughts
inside my mind

 Webbed with
Endless threads
Made of you
And weaved with your memories

The air felt dry,
And the coffee tasteless.
The moment I saw,
You suddenly becoming restless.

The wind blew
swiftly No More.
Leaves rustled unusually
In an unrhythmic tone.

This time, not just me
Nature too, was the witness.
Both drowned in a gasp,
As we saw you in distress.

The Streets are empty,
And the skies are clear.
Birds have stopped chirping,
They all feel your absence here.

You are the sea,
And I am the tide.
If separated,
There’s nowhere for us to reside.

One needs other,
so is the other way around.
Like the body needs the soul,
Until its buried in the ground.

Yes, I know,
About your dream.
You, fighting with yourself,
I heard a shout and a scream.

This world is crazy,
It doesn’t need to be more.
You need to be steady,
Hold my hand, for this is only yours.


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