For a Mother, on her day

mother holding baby feet

Mother’s love

Beyond the limit of ocean and sky, with an immeasurable quantity just like our universe, a waterfall – of love, is pouring. Neither from the top of a cliff nor from the parts of any mountain but it’s flowing all the way down from the core of a heart. A heart that doesn’t even beat for the body which owns it; rather, it beats for the bodies and souls of those produced by its owner. This is a heart made with a special care. Or I may say that God himself takes up the responsibility of creating this heart and filling it with unlimited love. This is the heart that resides beneath the breast whose milk gave you the power and energy to survive when you could hardly breathe, when you could hardly see. Salute to the heart of a woman who created you, nurtured you, who taught you, who fought for you! It is a heart of a Mother.

Remember? In our childhood, when school almost felt like a jail to us and every day we tried to find some reason to avoid school? Sometimes we did succeed to get a day off but other times we had to face the truth that our lie was caught. It was our mother who always knew about our lies still sometimes acted as she didn’t know what the truth was; just for our sake. Those were the golden days and somewhere between the lies and our fast-moving-life that every moment has become like an antique piece. We passed from school, moved into college, most of us far away from home and much farther from our mother.

There is a very bold reason behind the last line, written in italics, of the previous paragraph. I have seen, I have observed something which once was a part of our lives and now makes us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. The area we live in majorly affects our lifestyle; positively as well as negatively. But, sometimes a positive thing in one region could be a negative in the other. Just take a little example, today’s youth when they visit their home after a long time, act like a totally different person. The one from a higher class. And when mother, who is by the way same person as she was since her ‘so-called higher-class’ child’s birth, takes him/her to the market and she couldn’t resist but bargain, as usual, even for a 20 rupees vegetable. And, surprisingly, the child who once enjoyed the bargain-fight between mother and the vendor now feels embarrassed due to the same reason.

In this express life, in this technological era where a day without food is acceptable, but, a day without phone and chatting feels like someone has put a pillow on your face and you can hardly breath. We have lost the essence of that sacred love in this express life. Our mother, she might not want to talk much, but she definitely wishes to know what’s going on in our life. For she is the best face reader in the whole universe who can guess something is wrong when she notices creases on your forehead, or something is cooking when she witnesses the appearance of a gentle smile on your face while texting. But, we are too busy, sometimes with our phone and other times- well with our phones!

Trust me, it’s totally normal if you talk to your mother instead of chatting because that is what we do rest of the time, don’t we? Go on a walk with her. Because she is the only woman, who loves you despite of all of your shortcomings and without any expectations.

For guys, I would like to say, treat your mother with the same respect you treat the girl you like the most and make promises even to die for her (‘_’).
And for girls, just remember one thing – Never make your mother feel like an empty mirror. For you are a reflection of her.




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