The youngest smile

Look into her eyes,
What do you see?
A mischievous little child,
Or the eyes full with dreary?

She’s crazy young girl,
Hopping from sofa to bed.
One with a bubbly smile,
Unaware, what might lie ahead.

She’s hesitantly candid,
And a secretive cotton ball.
When she misses her loved ones,
She cries and muffles behind the wall.

In her world of fantasies,
She giggles and she whoops.
Though there are no fairies,
Yet she fulfills the loop.

Her eyes were wet,
And her voice was sore.
She sat in a corner,
Cards lay desperately beside her.

Neither did I ask anything,
Nor did I say.
I patiently sat by her side,
And waited, until,
She asked me to play.

Then she picked up the deck,
And brushed back her hair.
Silence filled the room,
As she wiped her tears.

After a game or two,
Which, of course, she won.
She smiled and bellowed,
And the silence was gone.

When her eyes were clear,
And her nose seemed dry.
I held her in my arms,
And asked why did she cry.

Hearing her reply,
Bewilderment grasped me.
Innocence in those words,
Shun like the stars when she said,

“It’s been four days
The sky has,too, turned brown.
No chocolate no pastries,
Mama’s out of town“​



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