On The Brink of Courage

procrastination humorous article


After a dreary day with a heavy bag and a hunched back, I finally came home. The moment I had been waiting for since the afternoon welcomed me with a broad smile. Sleep deprived eyes, continuous dabbling fingers, and a painful back were about to get their well-deserved gift – REST.

I threw the shoes, pulled out the socks, unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped the pants, all in a matter of seconds. Like a quick montage in a film. A splash of cold water worked like a reset button for my mind.

There was a longing connection, a profound love between my body and the bed, like that of rain and earth. When one called the other had to come.

Just before the body could embrace its love, the eyes noticed a diary sitting alone on the desk, wondering where it’s only companion, the pen, had disappeared and not returned yet. They now sparked and twinkled, they woke up my passion. The diary would finally serve its purpose. A story was on its way. This was the day I would defeat my inner enemy – procrastination.

I got up as quickly as I could. Again a series of montages kicked in. Drawers, pen holder, bag, pencil box, one after another rapid successions of images revealed just one thing – it revealed nothing. The mighty writing instrument hid itself somewhere in the dark corner.

I took my previous position on the bed, ready to dive into the deepest sleeps, and scanned the whole room with my tired eyes. Turning the room upside down I had done half the CBI’s work single-handedly.

A dissatisfied sigh left with my breath and I let my body hug the bed. Just then my head felt like being hit by some hard, stick like stuff. Too tired to wake up and check, I grabbed the ‘thing’ and pulled it out all while lying and discovered what it was. I glanced at the pen and then at the room as I woke up. I could feel the piercing look of the diary staring at me and at the pen between my two fingers. A hundred thoughts, a dying story, and an unforgettable character were screaming to be penned down on those milky white pages ready to soak the ink forever. I glanced at the diary, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and recalled – I would defeat my inner enemy today!

I stretched my hand and gently placed the pen on the diary, switched off the lights, let my body embrace its love and my eyes dive into the deepest sleep.

Good Night.


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