Echoes and Memories

pencil broken

Shattered words

Take a deep breath,
It’s just a Storm.
Keep moving ahead,
It will pass along.

Not sure how,
The storm will pass.
Will it take you too?
Or will you stay strong?

Close your eyes and think of us,
It will help you survive.
Whenever the storm hurts,
That’s what I do to stay alive.

The storm gets stronger,
As we are becoming strangers.
Maybe just talking will
keep it away,
It may even make it disappear.

The days are just fine,
I survive somehow.
It’s the silent night that kills,
With your echoes and memories.




Immeasurable silence,
Has occupied the life.
Unwanted silence,
Gift wrapped by life.

Sometimes we love,
the silence around us.
Sometimes we need,
the silence to calm us.

But the silence now,
That curves the life.
It no more calms,
It’s like a thunder inside.

Like a lifeless land,
turned upside down.
The audible screams,
has become a whisper inside.

The silence,
Demands to be broken.
Need someone,
That’s the only condition.

Absence of that someone,
Speaks through their silence.
Words are flat,
And strings losing balance.

Life has become
Like a blank paper.
So much scope, to discover,
but the ‘silence
Has left no adventure.


The Green Dot

love on the internet

The Green Dot

We shared our thoughts,
But never saw each other’s expressions.
We laughed a lot,
But never heard each other’s voice.

We fought a little,
But still, didn’t witness it in the eyes.
We asked questions,
But never heard any answers.

We whispered a lot,
But never in each others’ ears.
We waited a lot,
But never ended the wait face to face.

We saw each other, a lot,
But never in person.
All we were, active always,
With a Green Dot beside our names.

All we saw, on the keyboard,
Our fingers typing.
All we waited to hear,
Was that notification bing.


What if…

what images

What if image

What if I was a flower,
And you, a bee.
For you to have some sweet,
I would have got stung rather happily.

What if I was a pen,
And you, the ink flowing through me.
My tip, as it stroke on the paper,
would have mirrored your beauty,
like no one, ever, could be.

What if I were you,
And, perhaps, you were me.
Would you have been heartless?
Or, perhaps, would I have been?

One Dominating Emotion

happy and sad faces

One Dominant Emotion

The most annoying and never ending problem for every writer is thinking about what to write next. There are lots of feelings, lots of emotions, lots of things going on inside the mind yet there is no center point around which every word will be revolving. And the idea of what to say or what I want to put in words becomes just difficult to explain.

Feelings and emotions. The most complex forms that webs us, the human beings, sometimes like a tangled rope, sometimes like an untangled one. A subtle mixture of every emotion is a recipe for a perfectly happy life or, we can say, for a perfectly balanced life. But, who’s life is perfect? No ones. Every day is a different one; every hour brings a new mystery with it. We don’t even know what has the next minute brought for us on its plate. Time is a mystery.

How we react, how we behave, what we feel depends on how we are being treated. There maybe lots of quotes on the internet, in the novels, inside your mind too, about how the only thing that should matter to you is your happiness. Doesn’t matter how people treat you or if they value your presence in their lives, you should do what you like and keep yourselves happy. But think realistically. Is this what actually happens? Even if you try to? No. Truth is miles away from those quotes. No matter how much you try to mask your feelings that hurt, no matter how much you try to convert the truth into a mystery, for everyone but you, by putting a smile on that face, inside you there’s a silence, not because you don’t feel like talking but because the actions or words of others have left you blank.

This is the truth. It may hurt or it may sound weird. But this is THE truth. Like the time, people, too, are a mystery. Each person with a different story, with a different background, with a silence inside them, too, which was because of someone else. Like a writers’ thoughts which are spread like thousand marbles on a floor and to which he can’t put into words yet somehow he finds a connection. The people you are surrounded by are the same. Everyone is different yet there is something that makes them same as you. At some point or other in their life, too, they were hurt and probably that is the reason why they have changed or treat you the way that hurts you. It’s like they have created an imaginary shell that covers their life and anyone who they think is on the verge to enter the shell they push them back, so hard that no one will give it a second chance to try again.

Despite being kicked numerous times there exist some people who just keep trying to convince the other person that they along with their partner will take care of that shell. These people are like an ant that struggles to climb a wall but falls down every time. Still it doesn’t give up until it has reached it’s destined place. Getting hurt has become the part of their life. It is the single most dominant emotion ruling their life every day. Each day is a mystery. One happy, other sad, next disappointing. Yet they fight, against their emotions. They struggle to convert that sad emotion into a happy one. They constantly try to unravel the mystery of why they are being treated the way they don’t deserve. They try, tenderly, to unmask the fake smile and know the tearful mystery behind it. They try, desperately, to love the other person on the cost of losing their selves. Still, they try, unlike the other ones who push.

These people, maybe they are like those marbles spread on the floor, the center point that connects us to them are the emotions that burst inside us after their silence creates its twin inside us. The only thing you can do is love them like the sky loves clouds, like the birds love songs, love them until they love you back.


Free Bird

free bird image on crumbled paper

One moment you think
the world is in your hands,
and you want to grab it
in your fist
never to let go!
Then at other moment
you realise
She is a free bird
not to be controlled
not to be caught.
Just to be followed
and find happiness
under her free wings.
But you still want her
You still love her.

You want to be the one
To find that happiness
Under her wings.
To take a shelter under them.
You want to be the one,
To encourage and to support her,
To caress her splendid body,
And her omniscient soul
made of strong imagination
and firm decisions.

Oh! how, how you want
to contemplate
her every flight
that makes you feel
like she’s going away
going forever.
Yet you feel
like a tree,
who waits
until her next arrival,
and the next after that

Spending time
her soothing voice
which has ripples
like the water has
when thrown a pebble,
and those songs
about love,
about life,
that music,
that rhythm.
That silence in her voice
beautiful than the starry night.

Like the branches
of a tree
that dance with the wind,
Your heart dances
on her voice-tone
even if its
just on your phone.

How astonishing
how small is this world,
Packed in that
little parabolic
curve on her face.

that world
doesn’t fit
in your fist.
It simply won’t.
For it’s not to be grabbed,
It’s to be hold

She doesn’t need
a controlling fist.
Or a grabbing palm.
All she needs,
is a supporting hand.
To fill more enthusiasm,
more confidence
in her free wings.

She is bird
not to be controlled
not to be caught.
Yet, somehow,
You simply won’t stop
loving her,
following her.

You want to be the one.
You want to be her one.
So simple is the fact,
yet so twirled.
Without her,
there is no other world!


Yes I Know

sea and moon image

Yes, I know
About your Dreams.
I was in them,
To witness everything.

You too, must know,
verity of chaotic thoughts
inside my mind

 Webbed with
Endless threads
Made of you
And weaved with your memories

The air felt dry,
And the coffee tasteless.
The moment I saw,
You suddenly becoming restless.

The wind blew
swiftly No More.
Leaves rustled unusually
In an unrhythmic tone.

This time, not just me
Nature too, was the witness.
Both drowned in a gasp,
As we saw you in distress.

The Streets are empty,
And the skies are clear.
Birds have stopped chirping,
They all feel your absence here.

You are the sea,
And I am the tide.
If separated,
There’s nowhere for us to reside.

One needs other,
so is the other way around.
Like the body needs the soul,
Until its buried in the ground.

Yes, I know,
About your dream.
You, fighting with yourself,
I heard a shout and a scream.

This world is crazy,
It doesn’t need to be more.
You need to be steady,
Hold my hand, for this is only yours.


Detour image

Take your mind on a Detour of Thoughts and Decisions

Take a detour
Inside your mind
For there are so many ways
You can decide.

It is not necessary
Nor it has to be
To stick on a decision
On the cost of killing a wish

Take a look
At yourself
You today in black and white
Fill colors in life

Remember the moments
And the promises too.
That were spent in the silent nights
Talking about us and not just me or just you.

Is it the love that brings us close
Or is it the destiny that sets up apart
Was it coincidence that we met
Or is it just the right mistake made by our heart?

Life is short
But shorter is my time
You just take one step ahead
And I will walk the whole path.




There’s a thunderstorm going inside this body.
Yet the Lips aren’t trembling,
Teeth aren’t cluttering,
Body isn’t shivering,
Hands aren’t shaking,
And the Eyes are Still steady.
Yes, it’s a thunderstorm.
Of memories and heartbreaks,
Of unacceptable reasons and confusions,
Of decisions hanging in between
Trying hard or letting go,
Of compromising or rising.
It’s a Thunderstorm.
It’s a battle,
Battle of love,
Battle for love,
A battle where it has to be decided
In a fraction of second,
To surrender before the circumstances,
Or just keep fighting
And struggle for a victory.
Or maybe,
The mind is wondering,
If the battle is lost?
Or have we surrendered already?
Without even trying,
Without even struggling.
If this is what’s happening,
Lips will be trembling,
Teeth will be cluttering,
Body will be shivering,
Hands will be shaking,
And the Eyes,
Will no more be steady.
 A heart without its beat
Will forever be wandering.

A World Called Love

Red love Shaped tree

A World Called Love

How did you manage to get to the core?
Of my heart, that was so sore.
Was it your eyes that spoke with mine?
You have affected my brain like an old wine.

You are the hangover,
I would love to have every morning.
I am no soberer,
For you now my heart is yearning.

Those stars that are shining bright,
Look so romantic in the moonlight.
Just like your eyes that gleam,
And your voice as smooth as a layer of cream.

As the morning sun rises,
Canvas of the sky painted in yellow and red.
The shades of your beauty, too, surprises,
Every single time we met.

I am just about to enter,
A world called love.
And annoying is this gate-keeper,
Asking about my partner, which is you I know.

Is this truly happening?
Or am I just sleeping and dreaming?
Or is it that my eyes are wide open,
And all I can think about is you,
And the never ending love ocean.

I believe and I know,
We are destined to be together.
From the summer to the snow,
And through all the variations in the weather.

The time to decide,
Is very little I fear.
Now is the time to proceed,
Exchange the hearts, dear.

You are like the fragrance of a flower,
As sweet as honey.
For I am a candid lover,
Beseeching, to be in your memory.

I wish to hold your hand,
When we will be old.
And I want to look at you and smile,
And say to you ‘We molded Iron to Gold’