Sunset and Silhouette

Sunset and Silhouette

Sunset and Silhouette on Brainwork


Their legs hung down the cliff as they sat on its edge gazing at the marvelous never ending sky which was slowly pulling the orange blanket over its blue body. The mild breeze gushed through her hair strands making them dance on its rhythm and then rest on her shoulders. Like an ultra slow-motion movie the sun was descending down to take a dip in the ocean. The tangerine shade which spread across the vast ocean made her skin glow and her watery eyes twinkle.

They both sat there with only the whooshing wind to fill the silence engulfing them. His eyes constantly toyed between the nature’s beauty and a human one. They settled on hers as even the nature complimented it. She looked at him and playfully raised her eyebrows, a gesture to ask the reason for his stare. Words melted into silence and a smile. With a tinge of blush he looked down the cliff where the waves from ocean gently touched the beach and disappeared back. This was the most memorable and alluring sunset for both the hearts.

The temperature was cooling down and the sky was changing from tangerine to cinnabar as the sun approached its horizon. The never-ending evening would soon come to an end. It was a sudden impulse, of that magnificent view on the nature’s canvas, in which he curled up her hand into his and asked,

‘See that?’

‘What?’, she replied in a mild tone

The Sun was a few inches above the horizon when he pulled her close and whispered in her ear,

‘Look at the sun how it kisses the horizon, everyday, like they’re kissing for the first time and would keep doing it till eternity’

‘Its beautiful, isn’t it?’, she replied this time looking into his eyes.

Pulling himself close to her with a deep breath he whispered again,

‘You are my horizon and I wish to do the same till we are seventy’

She giggled, he smiled and the silhouettes of the couple over the huge orange ball put an end to the perfect evening.



One lucky book

girl and book

Gleaming mysterious eyes

So close to the eyes,
like a reflection in the mirror.
Pounding on the heart,
like constant beating with a hammer.

A course of nature,
probably went so bad.
Holding hands are,
now standing up to wave goodbye.

Like the drops of rain,
So intact while in the air.
We too shatter like them,
The moment they hit the ground.

Flashes of memories,
appearing and disappearing
Like a lighting,
That follows the thunderstorm.

Standing before the mirror,
staring at the reflection,
Where am I lost?
All I see,
Are the colors.
Blurred and fussy,
It feels like
the mind is dipped-
in a deep thick fog.

All the senses lost.
I can hear,
can’t listen.
I can look,
can’t see.
I can sense,
can’t feel.
Just staring in the mirror,
Not sure whose reflection
am I staring at(?)

And then an image appears
A photograph.
A face.
behind a book.
Held by those
soft and fair hands.
Gleaming eyes peeking
behind the book.
A mischievous look in them.

A nose,
those tender lips,
and chubby cheeks,
pressed against the pages.
I can imagine it all,
can’t feel.
A photograph of her,
hiding behind the colored pages.
I captured it
in black and white.

And I murmured softly,
‘Oh dear how I envy you,
For you’re a
One lucky book.’


What if…

what images

What if image

What if I was a flower,
And you, a bee.
For you to have some sweet,
I would have got stung rather happily.

What if I was a pen,
And you, the ink flowing through me.
My tip, as it stroke on the paper,
would have mirrored your beauty,
like no one, ever, could be.

What if I were you,
And, perhaps, you were me.
Would you have been heartless?
Or, perhaps, would I have been?

Those 10 days

those 10 days

Those 10 days poetry

Downfalls, begin with misunderstandings.
Our, too, began with the same.
Those 10 days were the dark days,
When all we did was to blame.

Remember, you and I sat under that tree?
And how It’s shadow fell on us?
Like the leaves of a lotus
It dazzled your beauty.

During those 10 days,
I sat, under that same tree.
This time, It’s shadow fell on me,
Like your old memory.

It was a hard time indeed,
when I was in the dark.
Someone planted a bad seed,
And you left quickly like a spark.

I heard, that you heard,
From someone, about me.
The news broke my heart,
Those ‘Just‘ 10 days then became an eternity.

I was trying you know,
As hard as I could.
I was trying to know,
What you knew that I, too, should.

When will we learn,
To rise from our mistakes.
Otherwise, it is going to burn,
And it’s the love that is at stake.

Oh! those 10 days,
When no words were said.
Still you spoke so many things,
With your profile and status updates.

Then, finally, those days ended,
And we buried all the downfalls.
The most amazing thing that happened,
That I revealed the secret after all.

But, Few days ago, you told me to wait,
And I am with patience,
Which by the way I lack.
Now it’s getting too late,
Fear is taking hold in the silence,
Coz I feel those 10 days are coming back.