Immeasurable silence,
Has occupied the life.
Unwanted silence,
Gift wrapped by life.

Sometimes we love,
the silence around us.
Sometimes we need,
the silence to calm us.

But the silence now,
That curves the life.
It no more calms,
It’s like a thunder inside.

Like a lifeless land,
turned upside down.
The audible screams,
has become a whisper inside.

The silence,
Demands to be broken.
Need someone,
That’s the only condition.

Absence of that someone,
Speaks through their silence.
Words are flat,
And strings losing balance.

Life has become
Like a blank paper.
So much scope, to discover,
but the ‘silence
Has left no adventure.



Those 10 days

those 10 days

Those 10 days poetry

Downfalls, begin with misunderstandings.
Our, too, began with the same.
Those 10 days were the dark days,
When all we did was to blame.

Remember, you and I sat under that tree?
And how It’s shadow fell on us?
Like the leaves of a lotus
It dazzled your beauty.

During those 10 days,
I sat, under that same tree.
This time, It’s shadow fell on me,
Like your old memory.

It was a hard time indeed,
when I was in the dark.
Someone planted a bad seed,
And you left quickly like a spark.

I heard, that you heard,
From someone, about me.
The news broke my heart,
Those ‘Just‘ 10 days then became an eternity.

I was trying you know,
As hard as I could.
I was trying to know,
What you knew that I, too, should.

When will we learn,
To rise from our mistakes.
Otherwise, it is going to burn,
And it’s the love that is at stake.

Oh! those 10 days,
When no words were said.
Still you spoke so many things,
With your profile and status updates.

Then, finally, those days ended,
And we buried all the downfalls.
The most amazing thing that happened,
That I revealed the secret after all.

But, Few days ago, you told me to wait,
And I am with patience,
Which by the way I lack.
Now it’s getting too late,
Fear is taking hold in the silence,
Coz I feel those 10 days are coming back.