Smile?.. Absent..

Smile?.. Absent..

Smile?.. Absent..

Strolling this morning,
I stood beneath a tree.
No dancing leaves,
No swaying branches,
mysterious it occurred to me.

The sky was empty,
Not a single bird flew.
Silence gushed everywhere,
Like a city in curfew.

The life disappeared
from trees,
from birds.
And for a human,
quest appeared.

As I walked pass the road,
I flung down a rock.
I saw her sitting,
on a bench in the garden,
which was just the next block.

Like a solved mathematical problem,
Now every twist I understood.
Answer to the dullness today,
Sat on the bench,
under the red hood.

She had silkiest the hair,
But today,
Not a strand ruffled.
Her eyes were gleamy,
But today,
they welled.
She had the happiest smile,
in the world of obsessed,
But today,
under that smile,
She was depressed.


#night poetry


A World Called Love

Red love Shaped tree

A World Called Love

How did you manage to get to the core?
Of my heart, that was so sore.
Was it your eyes that spoke with mine?
You have affected my brain like an old wine.

You are the hangover,
I would love to have every morning.
I am no soberer,
For you now my heart is yearning.

Those stars that are shining bright,
Look so romantic in the moonlight.
Just like your eyes that gleam,
And your voice as smooth as a layer of cream.

As the morning sun rises,
Canvas of the sky painted in yellow and red.
The shades of your beauty, too, surprises,
Every single time we met.

I am just about to enter,
A world called love.
And annoying is this gate-keeper,
Asking about my partner, which is you I know.

Is this truly happening?
Or am I just sleeping and dreaming?
Or is it that my eyes are wide open,
And all I can think about is you,
And the never ending love ocean.

I believe and I know,
We are destined to be together.
From the summer to the snow,
And through all the variations in the weather.

The time to decide,
Is very little I fear.
Now is the time to proceed,
Exchange the hearts, dear.

You are like the fragrance of a flower,
As sweet as honey.
For I am a candid lover,
Beseeching, to be in your memory.

I wish to hold your hand,
When we will be old.
And I want to look at you and smile,
And say to you ‘We molded Iron to Gold’